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We provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages

First Aid

We provide first aid

Flu shots

We administer seasonal flu vaccines


We provide vaccinations for infants, children and adults

Tele medicine

We provide consultations over the phone and video call.

Womens Health

We perform Pap tests (Dr's Mouisset and Khan), breast exams and other female health concerns

Private Office Visits or Form Charges 

Private Pay Patient (No MSP): $75                   Long Term Disability: $100   

Standard Doctor's Note: $15                      Functional Abilities: $40

Form (1-2 pages): $50                               Tax Credit/Government: $50

Drivers Physical (Yellow): $180                    Drivers Physical (Blue): $75

  Typically needed for work                                                 Typically needed for medical purposes 

SPARC Form: $20                                      Cosmetic Pre-Op Physical: $180


Short Term Disability: $60                           Cosmetic Liquid Nitrogen: $50

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